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Handheld Double Filtered Pipe

Carbon Filter Adapters

A great way to retrofit an existing piece, while filtering out carcinogens and toxins in the smoke for improved taste, smoother hits and cleaner glass.

SIpipes Carbon Adaptors
SIpipes Triple Filtered Bubblers

Triple Filtered Bubblers

Using carbon, water and cotton our Triple Filtered Bubblers provide the smoothest and cleanest hits.

Checkout the filtration system HERE

Customers Buzz

  • I’ve been a smoker for 4 years and the first time I tried to smoke out of a SI Pipe (I currently own the handheld filtered pipe) the smoke was extremely flavorful and cloudy. The carbon filter does an excellent job in cleaning out impurities that are found in the herb, and it always delivers a smooth, clean hit. Also the customer service is excellent, best i’ve ever had from a glass or pipe company. Thanks again SI Pipes.

  • I just wanted to say how much I appreciate my McFinn’s. It’s the smoothest table top Bubbler I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Not only is it easier on the throat but its durable as shit. I dropped the bowl from four feet from the concrete and all it did was bounce around and ash itself. I wouldn’t exactly try it again but it was nice to know its forgiving. Keep up the quality craftsmanship

  • I have been a smoker for over 40 years,and during that time my only complaint about smoking out of a water pipe was that it would be harsh to inhale and I would cough (a lung up) quite often. With your Triple Filtered Water Pipe that experience has been canceled. Not only am I able to inhale smoothly, I also am aware that your filtering system cleans out the impurities that I don’t want in my body.

  • A new guy started at the smoke shop I go to all the time. He is really into the SI products. So I was looking to buy a portable concentrate rig. He immediately recommended the SI hand held pipe. After looking at it the quality was amazing! Bought it. Let me tell you this is the most bad-ass concentrate pipe ever made. Be damn sure to use the slide right that comes with it

  • We frequent a smoke shop in town and both us us got excited when we spotted the Little Eddie. We bought one. Wow. Great idea. Love that its an earth friendly product. We are loving Little Eddie everyday!

  • Just received my SI water pipe this week, and the quality of craftsmanship is impressive. This piece should last me a long time. Perfect “martini style” bowl included, and the oil medicine attachment keeps up the SI quality


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