“OBSS” Honeycomb Glass Screen Bowl


“THE 0 B SMART SYSTEM (OBSS)” Honeycomb Glass Screen Bowl allows combustion more efficiently by putting the herb closer to the top in a thin layer. Glass screen bowls also provide a better taste, better flow and convenience over standard metal screens that get clogged and fall out when cleaning the bowl.

  • Size: 18mm
  • Fit: Male Joint
  • Branding: SIpipes Baked Decal
  • Made in USA

Read more below on the OB Smart System and download a section “The Best Glass Period” from his latest book “7 Steps to Marijuana Mastery”

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Additional Info

The 0 B Smart System is your guide to the proper use of Cannabis. For the rest of this book the 0 B Smart System will be referred to as the OBSS. Using these time-tested and proven techniques will enable you to get the maximum benefit from your herb. You probably think you already know how to use Cannabis. Anecdotal evidence shows that almost every Cannabis consumer who understands and uses the OBSS will get higher, be healthier and will save tons of money.

You can get more info from his book on Amazon