Stash Jar


The perfect jar for storing your stash!

  • Total Height: Approx. 4.00″ inches
  • Body Diameter: 3.00″ inches
  • Storage: 250ml = 1/2-1 ounce

Increased Value: Store long term worry free, with patent pending Humidity sensor embedded in lids of larger jars.

Power Packed Aromas: Jars deepen and sustain wide spectrum aromas, increasing long term storage.

Protection: From all damaging light rays/frequencies, its like storing your item in a vault that protects against degradation over time.

Benefits: Three lights allowed in, BENEFICIAL to all natural substances.

Unique: Industries first embedded Humidity/Temperature Sensor to create your own  “Glass humidor”. Humidity can be controlled by removing lid or injecting humidity

Discreet: All you see is a great looking “black” energy glass container.

Category: SKU: MPJ250


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