Organic Cotton


For your health, never use “conventional cotton balls” with your filtered pipe! Please read more below about why our Organic Cotton is best for your device.

Each mylar bag is approx 1.2 ounces.

Order either:

  • a single mylar bag, or
  • a baker’s dozen (13 bags)

Our Organic Cotton Is:

  • Produced exclusively for SI Pipes
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Insecticide-Free
  • Toxic-Free
  • Dye-Free
  • Bleached using totally chlorine-free bleaching, or oxygen bleaching
  • Ready-to-Use; simply pull apart a ball and fluff a small piece to use


Earn up to 120 Points Points.

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Never use conventional cotton balls with your filtered device!

Although cotton covers a mere 2.5% of the world’s farmland, it accounts for over 25% of the world’s insecticide usage and is considered the ‘dirtiest’ crop.

The top 9 pesticides used are classified by the U.S. EPA as the most dangerous, and 5 of those 9 are known cancer-causing chemicals. Additionally, the strength of those insecticides has to be increased annually as the insects build up immunities. The toxins sprayed onto the cotton also seep into the soil compromising its nutritive value, eventually making their way into our water. In addition, when cotton is manufactured into fabric, even more harmful chemicals are added during the cleaning and dyeing process.

Cottonseed hulls that aren’t used to make fabric go toward the production of mattresses, cotton balls, tampons, fuel, and even livestock feed – which eventually makes its way into our dairy products.

We developed filtration to reduce exposure to pesticides and that includes the cotton we select for use in our pipes.



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