Double-Filtered Handheld Pipe


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The Double-Filtered Handheld Pipe uses Activated Coconut Carbon to effectively trap and reduce or eliminate tar and other impurities, along with Organic Cotton as a secondary filtration to further trap and filter out other impurities from the smoke.

This Handheld will provide a great smoking experience that is not only clean, but smooth, allowing for bigger fuller hits – Smoother Hits, Bigger Rips!

  • Bowl: Honeycomb
  • Mouthpiece: 18mm Removable
  • Total Length: Approx. 7.50″ inches
  • Body Diameter: 22mm/0.86″ inches
  • Bulb Diameter: 50mm/1.90″ inches
  • Branding: SI Baked Decal
  • Carbon: Holds Approx. 6.5 grams

Includes a metal K-clip, with large bag of premium Activated Coconut Carbon and large bag of our Organic Cotton

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10 reviews for Double-Filtered Handheld Pipe

  1. Tim

    This is my second SI pipe. I am a “full time” smoker and this pipe is a game changer. Just the amount of toxins you can being filtered out is astonishing. This is a must have for any smoker.

  2. Adam

    Wow. Exceeded all my expectations. I honestly never would have believed the smoke would feel as smooth as it does after being filtered through this piece, I don’t even miss not having water. The honeycomb bowl provides a perfect pull and even burn. Great job SI! I might need the handheld dab pipe now!

  3. xippilli

    This is an upgrade from my first pipe from SI, the Jack the Ripper. With more cotton and carbon capacity in the chamber than the Jack the Ripper, it means more filtration and less toxins without having to worry about regularly cleaning out wet cotton or dirty water like bubblers. If you’ve introduced yourself to “entry” filtered SI pipes like the Jack the Ripper, and are looking for the next step up for dry herbs, this is definitely the way to go.

  4. Miles

    This pipe is astonishing. Beautifully made in every way (shape, size, perfectly sealed at the connections, etc.) and amazing thick glass. Don’t even have words for how much love I have for this piece. Thank you SI please keep up the good work! Also super fast shipping on my order and it came with the cotton, carbon, 2 skewers, a sticker, and info on how to use everything plus data on the toxins being filtered. P.s. huge fan of organic. I really feel completely cared for healthwise by this company. Means a lot especially compared to other businesses.

  5. Miles

    Can’t get over the craftsmanship seriously high quality

  6. jeaniehasley

    Love this it is my 2nd and love it the only way to go

  7. cjoemac

    Since finding SI pipes and chatting with Victor I now own and use their straight bongs, hand pipe, ash catcher and carbon filters makes all the difference in the world. Smoother hits and larger without coughing a lung up…lol Keep up the good work guys and girls.

  8. rjbrantley

    Re: Double filtered pipe — THIS THING RIPS!!! Watch the smoke curl artfully around and be perfectly filtered as you inhale the goodness! Grab it for on the go — no water like with the triple filter amazo-bubblers, but still a great filtration system with the cotton and the carbon — after getting used to using a triple filtration bubbler (and even if you’re not!) you won’t want to use anything else — this puts other pipes to shame! 😉 Thank You SiPipes!!!

  9. christianbuko1992

    This pipe worth every dollar.. It has been the best investment about pipe. Absolutely 5 stars! I recommend it!

  10. creece8815

    Bought one of these about 8-9 years ago. Still works perfectly. Has never chipped, still cleans up perfectly and is by far the best smoke and easiest on your lungs. Solid 10/10. The only down side to my older piece is that it didn’t have that metal piece to secure the two pieces together (nice addition guys 🙌) but still basically a perfect piece in every aspect. Worth every penny.

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