McFinns Original Triple-Filtered Glass Bubbler


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The original and ultimate in smoking filtration

This Glass Bubbler includes 2 metal keck-clips, a single bag of premium Activated Carbon and single bag of our Organic Cotton

Filter option information:
Standard carbon filter: Stands approximately 1.5 inches high.

Ultra carbon filter: The ultra holds more carbon. Some folks like the extra room and feel it keeps the water cleaner, the carbon lasts longer before needing to be changed out, and it gives them even more smoke filtration. It stands 3 inches high which makes the pipe taller than using the standard.

Bowl option information:
OBSS: The 0 B SMART SYSTEM (OBSS) Honeycomb Glass Screen Bowl offers more efficient combustion by allowing you to spread the herb in a thin layer closer to the top. In other words, it is a one-hit bowl so you’re not lighting up partially burned material. Glass-screen bowls also provide better taste and airflow, and are easier to clean over standard metal screens that get clogged with resin or fall out while cleaning.

Standard Honeycomb: offers the same glass advantages listed above yet is a deeper bowl to hold more herb for bigger hits.

Cool Touch features an insulated glass jacket to keep the bowl cooler to handle. Good for those who like to lift the bowl after inhalation to clear the pipe or for rapid filling during longer sessions.

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"OBSS", Standard Honeycomb, "Cool Touch"

9 reviews for McFinns Original Triple-Filtered Glass Bubbler

  1. me (verified owner)

    I’m 41 years old and very health conscious. I just got into cannabis a year ago. I love it and am a daily user. However, I’m constantly in search of better ways to smoke because I don’t want to fill my lungs with garbage. I’ve tried everything from one-hit filtered pipes to bongs to edibles. After one hit of this triple filtered bubbler, I’m totally hooked. I’ll never smoke out of anything else again. This is by far the smoothest, cleanest smoke I’ve ever experienced. I feel no noticeable difference in effect. If you want all the benefits of cannabis without the health concerns, this is the way to go. It’s well worth the long-term investment in your health.

  2. David (verified owner)

    I use this as a daily use rig, and I opted for the ultra filters. I found that I am able to use less medicine, due to the filtration and smoothness eliminating the burning lung and smokers cough. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a healthier way to take their medicine!

  3. tom1 (verified owner)

    I use this with a VapXhale. Moved to this from a VaporBros rig. It always developed a nasty yellow sludge after only a few sessions. The SI rig appears to resolve that issue. It also allows a much better pull. No hot lungs. No vapor burn when running at higher temps. Much more comfortable. Worth the price of entry.

  4. Alex Marcus (verified owner)

    If you are wondering whether you deserve a bong at this price, let me be your conscience for a moment and say: “Just get it, honey. I love you.”

    So smooth going down that I actually thought I wasn’t getting anything the first time I drew…and then I blew a big, puffy
    cloud without so much as a tickle in my throat. Stylish and sexy too! Looks great on my counter top.

    Customer service was amazing–the guy on the phone was helpful and humble.

    100% satisfied, so rare!

  5. Shannon Parsram (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this bong; it’s pretty compact and light, filters VERY well and the hits are very smooth (not a ton of flavor, but that’s to be expected). Cleaning is easy due to design, plus the filtering materials pick up the bulk of the tar/resin and leave less behind to have to deal with. I feel pretty good about adding significantly less crud to my respiratory system while I medicate :).

  6. Earl Wilson

    I bought this system roughly ten years ago and it’s been a part of my daily lifestyle ever since. Working in the cannabis industry, I smoke frequently and heavily. Luckily for me, this bong makes that much less damaging on my poor lungs. You lose a little taste from all the filtering but the effects are incredible. You’ll find yourself being able to enjoy your session without choking and ending up red-faced. In my experience, I’ve found that it can help you stretch your product further as well. I have never in my life experienced anything quite like the McFinn. Bravo, guys.

    • SI Pipes

      Thank you for sharing your experience – smoke in good health!

  7. Joey Kouba (verified owner)

    Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Very fine craftsmanship and product. I’ve had the Double Filtered pipe for a while, and still love it for its convenience. But with the amount I was smoking, even with the double filter, it was starting to make it not worth taking a hit. McFinn’s not only allowed me to continue to get relief again, but I need way less to properly medicate and save money on top of it. Oh, and GREAT customer service. I bought it mid December, not expecting it to be ready any time soon due to Christmas. Next day Victor called me up, said he’ll have it there before Christmas, and it sure did. Big thumbs up.

  8. Allen (verified owner)

    The Mcfinns Original

    1) Artisan quality and craftsmanship.
    2) All glass components are seamless and crafted to be durable.
    3) Precision fittings “no air leaks”.
    4) The ” Honey Comb” bowl is innovative.
    5) The filtration process is very efficient at removing the impurities.
    6) Easy to clean.
    7) Fast order processing and shipping.

    With the impurities removed you will experience smooth inhalations.
    Allowing the flavors of the terpenes and the potency of the cannabinoids,
    To be enjoyed very effectively.

    Thank you, Scientific Inhalations and Gallicchio Glass.

    • SI Pipes

      Thank you Allen for this thorough review! Enjoy in great health!

  9. Erin Freeburn (verified owner)

    Please do yourself a favor and get this bubbler; you honestly can never go wrong with scientific inhalations; their glass is by far the best quality I have ever used; they don’t break! I have gone through a LOT of supposedly high-quality glass, and they always break after a few months; I honestly just thought that was something I just needed to expect to happen with glass until I got my hands on one of SIs, and I have had my currently one for over a year. I only needed to replace the filters twice; the body is still like new. The customer service is also excellent, any issues that I have had they always get back to me right away and are extremely helpful. This truly is the only company I buy glass from now, you won’t be disappointed buying from them.

    • Scientific Inhalations

      Erin, thank you for your awesome words. We really appreciate this thoughtful review. SI Team

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